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- zero profit (avoids news companies to enter the market keen of having some part of the profit)

- maximize the own wellfare of your own employees

- produce only things that people really need, avoid creating unnecessary needs

- respect always good businessman manners

- be always honest in all your business actions and even all your other actions...try to see the right things from the wrong ones

- DON'T TRY TO MAXIMIXE PROFIT, profit is of no interest at all

- kick employees who work only in order to get some money, there are always people who are interested in working due to some other motives (don't serve the mammon and Satan...) e g for wellfare for themselves and their family and society

- make your employees only to use their own identity in everything they do at their work in your business, never do anything anonymously (except in some very seldom cases that we don't even give an example here now)

- check the personal and former professional roots and the network of every person who wants to become your employee

- don't use any investors from outside but try to finance your business with some other means...whatever that will be...(no sourses are mentioned...)

- let your employees carry the risks of their own actions at their work

- check your customers and others you operate with

- don't use any "slaves" but only people who are free and have proper identity documents given by someone who is giving the documents for free and not in order to make some profit even with the identity documents of poor people

- don't make any business that opposes the ten Christian "laws" of which the rule don't steal and don't kill are very important...

- don't talk about anything that some people call some kind of Chistian ethics (who has even heard about such in their lifetime, where does they come from, who has talked about such in some school in this country...some have never even heard), but see to it that people have a good life where children and teenagers are taken care of very well and given an important and proper part in the life of their parents and the whole society

- nobody is for sale in anything, nobody has a price (opposity to what is often heard that everyone has a price...) but everyone is precious and important... (just as they are? everyone should take some responsibility for their own development as persons and try to improve themselves as human being in every way, no-one is faultless)

- see to it that your employees have proper food, clothes and housing

- More principles might appear here later...

This text is taken from an article from abroad that some WHITE BUSINESS ANGEL is said to have written, not a black or bloody red one...excuse the poor English, she or he doesn't know English very well as there are no ways how to learn English very well if you live in some telt among some tribe just moving around somewhere in some desert or some other completely isolated place anywhere in the world...on this earth...


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