Dokkari vaikeista lapsista. Kakkoselta tänään


Neljävuotias lapsi. Ei ole oppinut kuivaksi ja vaatii rintaa. Apua. Voiko lapsen kasvatus mennä noin totaalisen pieleen?

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Episode Three: The Georgiou Family

Christina & Dee Georgiou live with their children Stefan, 10, Renos 12 and four-year-old Nicola in Hertfordshire. Dee runs his own mini cab firm while Christina runs their busy home.

Their problem is Nicola - she has a terrible temper which often leads to violence. She lashes out at anyone who stands up to her, including her mother. She wets herself too, night and day. But worst of all she still insists on breastfeeding against her mother¿s wishes, and when Christina tries to stop her it leads to more aggression.

Dee and Christina can¿t agree on who is responsible for Nicola¿s behaviour. But Tanya is clear that they have to take equal responsibility for giving Nicola a firm message. She¿s got just four weeks to help them find ways to stop the wetting and breastfeeding and restore peace to the Georgiou family.

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