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ja Carlos Gardelin versio. Sanat luettuani, siis käännöksen englanniksi, olen aivan leijumassa jossakin...

f you knew,

that still within my soul,

I keep the love

I had for you...

Who knows, if you knew

that I never forgot you,

returning to your past,

you would remember me...

The friends do not come

not even to visit me,

nobody wants to console me.

in my affliction...

Since the day you left

I feel anguish in my chest,

tell me, woman, what have you done

with my poor heart?


I always remember you

with the holy love

that I had for you.

And you are everywhere,

piece of my life,

and those eyes that were my happiness

I search for them everywhere

and I can' t find them.

To the abandoned bedroom

now not even the morning sun

shows thru the window

the way as when you were there,

and that little dog [our] partner

that because of your absence would not eat

on seeing me alone the other day also left me.