KAKSOISKANSALAISUUDEN hakeminen, miten käytännössä tapahtuu?


Lapseni isä on englantilainen. Tällä hetkellä vaan lapsella on Suomen kansalaisuus. Miten toimia kaksoiskansalaisuuden hakemiseksi? Emme ole avioliitossa lapsen isän kanssa. Isyys on tunnustettu.

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If you want a birth to be registered at the Consulate you will need to fill in an application form and send us the ORIGINALS of the following documents:

- Full long form birth certificate of the British parent

- Marriage certificate (or for unmarried fathers of children born after 1 July 2006: a confirmation of paternity from local magistrate)

- Hospital birth certificate of your child (or a letter from the hospital confirming mother's name and the time and place of birth of your child)

- Extract from Finnish Population Register (Virkatodistus) for your child (from local magistrate)

There is no obligation to register your child, but by doing so you will receive a British-style birth certificate and a permanent record of the birth is maintained at the General Register Office in the UK. The certificate is also required when getting married and may be used to open a bank account in the UK. It can also be submitted in support of a British passport application.

If you wish to apply for a British passport for your child, the above documents should be presented with the passport application form C2. More information can be found here: Applying for a passport

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